Walmart Neighborhood Market

What is a Walmart Neighborhood Market? just about everyone has detected of Walmart right. as a result of the biggest businessperson inside the planet. The Walmart corporation includes a sturdy hold on whole recognition.

But Walmart Neighborhood Markets were introduced by the company. merely variety of years past. Such heaps of parents might still be questioning what these stores square measure.

Originally introduced into the Walmart universe in 2015, Walmart Neighborhood Markets provide a smaller, easier numerous to the infamously big Walmart Super centers.

Neighborhood Market Locations

As of New Style calendar month 2022, there are 799 Walmart Neighborhood Market locations across the United States.

Walmart Neighborhood Market hours vary by location, but most stores open at either vi AM or seven AM and shut between 10 PM and eleven PM.

Why Are They Closing Neighborhood Markets?

Beginning in 2016, Walmart began closing several locations across the USA, along with every Super center and Neighborhood Market locations. In 2019 alone, the company closed down eight extra Neighborhood Market locations.

But why specifically is Walmart closing down their stores?

When it involves Walmart Neighborhood Market, the company has shared that the niche store originally introduced in 2015 hasn’t performed more as they’d hoped. Walmart is troubled to figure out what customers want, and it’s that their Walmart Neighborhood Market experiment hasn’t open as planned. As of 2022, Walmart is continuous to shut loads of locations each year and has put together stopped gap any new store locations.

Differences Between Walmart And Neighborhood Market

The biggest variations between Walmart and Neighborhood marketplace live their size and conjointly the forms of things they sell.

Walmart Neighborhood Market is significantly smaller than Walmart, typically showing in cities and city centers rather than rural or district areas like Walmart.

While Walmart Super center is taken under consideration an enormous box store that sells nearly every category of product you’ll be ready to imagine, Walmart Neighborhood Market is really merely a customary grocery store.

Here may be a list of all the most important variations between these 2 varieties of stores:

Size – Neighborhood Market is significantly smaller than Walmart.

Product – Neighborhood Market sells groceries and various basic items whereas Walmart Super center sells everything beneath the sun.

Locations –  Neighborhood Markets square measure generally set in densely owner-occupied populated area geographic area geographic region units. Whereas Walmart Super centers are typically set in rural and/or community areas.

Costs – because of being a a great deal of special store generally set in areas where grocery prices trend higher, Walmart Neighborhood Market tends to be slightly costlier than Walmart Super center.

Some of the advantages of looking at Neighborhood Market include:

  • They’re generally handily set within walking distance from neighborhoods, city centers, and various places where customers can merely commute to the search whereas not even needing a automotive.
  • The smaller size of these stores makes them plenty of easier to navigate, notably for purchasers World Health Organization unit exclusively needing groceries They’re sometimes less packed

Is Neighborhood Market additional Expensive?

Considered a further specialised store sometimes showing in locations with less direct competition, Walmart Neighborhood Market prices unit sometimes on the far side prices found at Walmart Super center.

Most things found at Neighborhood Market are found for fewer at. However, Walmart strategically places their Neighborhood Market locations to serve specific populations less likely to hunt out Walmart Super center locations.

What square measure you ready to acquire Here?

As we’ve mentioned, Neighborhood Market offers a way smaller sort of product than a daily Walmart. but there’s still lots to hunt out at Walmart Neighborhood Market.

  • Here may be a non-exhaustive list of belongings you may expect to hunt out at Neighborhood Market:
    Fresh end up
  • packaged foods
  • Dry foods
  • canned foods
  • dairy farm and eggs
  • Meat and fish
  • Over-the-counter and prescription medications
  • acknowledgment cards
  • Stamps
  • Flowers
  • Alcohol (where permitted)
  • Tobacco merchandise

Do they have pharmacies?

Yes whereas there’s additionally some rare exceptions, most Neighborhood Market locations have pharmacies.

Do they have a photograph center?

No. exposure Centers can entirely be found at Super center locations.

Can you cash checks at these locations?

Yes. All locations change customers to cash checks.

Do they sell alcohol?

This depends on where you reside. If your state permits grocery stores to sell alcohol, then Neighborhood Market locations during this state unit of measurement just about absolute to sell alcoholic beverage and wine. In some states, these locations may even be allowable to sell liquor.

Can you come things to Neighborhood Market?

Yes. However, if you’re returning general merchandise things not sold at Neighborhood Market, you’d probably be asked to need your things to a Walmart Super center location instead.


Neighborhood Market may well be a smaller and heaps of specialised version of , serving as a grocery and sometimes showing in further densely developed areas like cities.

While Super center offers an honest vary of merchandise like natural science, clothing, and appliances, Neighborhood Market sticks to groceries, pharmacy things, and various things typically found in grocery stores.

Unfortunately, due to general under-performance of some locations, Walmart has been closing many of their Neighborhood Markets and Super centers over the past six years.

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