6 Video Editors for Android

With the democratization of smartphones, particularly Android devices, many users are for the first time dabbling in video editors. Smartphones have become quite powerful, allowing people to edit and render videos while on the go. 

The only issue is that there are so many apps on the Play Store that users are unsure which one to choose. Some apps charge a fee for access to premium features, and others place a watermark on videos. So, if you’re looking for the best free video editor for Android without a watermark, keep reading.

Best Free Video Editors for Android without Watermark in 2022

In this article, we only mentioned apps that do not have a watermark and are mostly free. However, if you want the best video editor for Android with no restrictions on premium apps, read the linked article. 

Aside from that, we have included some Chinese apps on this list and have mentioned them where appropriate so that you can make an informed decision. More information on this topic can be found in our article on the best Chinese app alternatives. With that out of the way, let’s get to the list.

1. VN Video Editor

VN Video Editor is without a doubt one of the best free video editing software for Android, and you guessed it, the video editor does not include a watermark. Furthermore, there will be no video or banner ads while editing or exporting the video. It’s like the cherry on top of the cake, with some extra on the sides. A straightforward video editor with a user interface that is easy to use. The entire interface is clean, with advanced editing tools such as multi-track editing, curve shifting, FX for video effects, BG for background enhancement, freeze, filters, and more.

Not to mention that you can make videos in a variety of sizes and aspect ratios with just a few taps. You also have access to all of the standard video editing tools, such as trim, split, speed, and so on. Aside from that, those looking for a music library with various sound effects will appreciate VN Video Editor’s large collection of sounds. Overall, VN Video Editor is an excellent video editor for Android that does not include a watermark. You should try it if you’re looking for a powerful and free TikTok video editor.

2. Quik

Quik is yet another excellent free Android video editor that does not include a watermark on exported videos. GoPro, a well-known action camera manufacturer, created the app. Having said that, many people find the app to be barebones, which is understandable, but if you are a beginner, this is a great app to get you started with video editing on your smartphone. You only need to select your videos, and Quik will use its presets to make your video look professional and ready for social media.

Of course, you can change the effects, and the background music, add text, change the palette, highlight, trim, and do other things. Essentially, you have access to all of the standard video editing tools. Having said that, the best part about Quik is that it includes a plethora of video and transition effects that can take your videos to the next level. To summarize, Quik is a good choice if you want a simple video editor on Android that is free and does not include a watermark.

3. Rav.ai 

Users of Rav.ai can make notes directly in the app about how they want the film to look rather than exchanging emails with a video professional. Once they hit “submit,” Rav.ai creates a rough cut of their edited video in less than a day. Then, users can modify or add new comments as necessary.

Users of Rav.ai pay a monthly subscription fee in exchange for four videos each month. Cleveland claims that using a freelance editor, which may take up to a week per video, is slower and more labor-intensive than this technique. The platform has grown to 100 active users since its August launch.

4. ActionDirector

ActionDirector is a popular video editing app for Android that has also been named Editor’s Choice in the Google Play Store. Most of us are familiar with ActionDirector as an advanced and high-end video editor, but there is more to it. ActionDirector is actually free to use and allows you to publish videos without a watermark. When you tap on “cross” to remove the watermark while editing, it prompts you to upgrade to the premium plan. If you close the dialog, it will ask you if you want to watch an ad to remove the watermark. So, simply tap on the box and watch a few seconds of advertising.

Following that, you will be able to create the video without a watermark. Isn’t that fantastic? When it comes to features, you have a plethora of options, including speed, action effects, video smoothing, audio editing, color customization, and more. Furthermore, you can sharpen blurry videos and improve video output to some extent. Simply put, if you don’t mind watching advertisements, ActionDirector can be a great watermark-free video editor for Instagram Reels or even YouTube videos.

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

What was previously known as Adobe Premiere Clip is now known as Adobe Premiere Rush. Adobe is bringing premium video-editing tools to the masses for free, with no watermarks or charges. Furthermore, you will not be subjected to any banner or video advertisements. That sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? While this is entirely correct, there is a caveat. Adobe Premiere Rush allows you to export only three videos for free. And keep in mind that this is not a monthly limit, but rather the total allowance for a registered account. After that, you’ll have to choose a paid plan.

I know it’s a small number, but if you want to make a professional video, you can use this app on your Android smartphone. You would have access to Premiere Pro features that you would not find anywhere else. You can also create a new account and use Rush for as long as you want if you want more access. To summarize, Adobe Premiere Rush is a premium video editing app for Android that, to begin with, does not have a watermark. However, you will have to make do with limited exports.

6. YouCut

YouCut is a popular free video editing app for Android that does not include a watermark. Furthermore, the app is loaded with top video editing features and does not serve ads, making it an excellent choice for editing Instagram videos and TikToks. However, let me state right away that InShot Inc, the developer of YouCut, has deep roots in China, specifically with Hangzhou Inshot Tech Co LTD. So, if you are hesitant to use a Chinese app, I would not recommend it. In terms of features and functionality, the app is fantastic, with all of the standard and some advanced features.

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