Impounded vehicle insurance

Impounded vehicle insurance provides you with the coverage you need to get your vehicle released from the police pound. What do we offer:

  • Impounded car insurance cover arranged quickly
  • You can quickly download and present the insurance certificate
  • Considers a pending conviction (no insurance)
  • Quick cover to release the police-impounded vehicle
  • 30-day policy for impounded vehicles

What do you need to release your car from the police pound?

Releasing your vehicle from the police pound can be costly, so it is imperative you have everything you need to release your vehicle as quickly and cheaply as possible. You will need:

  • Proof of insurance valid for a minimum of 30 days
  • Driving license
  • Proof of ownership
  • A valid MOT certificate

Impound insurance is not an ideal expenditure that anyone wants to spend money on. If you do find yourself in a condition where your vehicle is impound. You will be require to prove you have a minimum of 30 days’ insurance to release your vehicle from the impound. That is why at Release my vehicle, we offer temporary insurance so you can get the minimum level of coverage you need to release your vehicle back from the pound for the minimum cost possible.

You can get an insurance quote in a few minutes. Time is important when releasing your vehicle from the police pound because it costs you more money the longer your vehicle is in the pound.

Therefore, don’t delay, get your insurance quote now and get the level of coverage you need to release your vehicle. You will have your documents mailed to you quickly, so, if you want the quickest and cheapest solution to release your vehicle from the pound, you can contact us right now.

Do you need impounded vehicle insurance?

Prior to buying any insurance, it is necessary to ensure it is the level of insurance you require.  Specifically, if your vehicle is impounded, you need to ensure the insurance you are getting is covering you to release your vehicle from the pound and that it has a minimum of 30 days that is legally needed to release your vehicle. If you buy the wrong insurance, you are going to waste a lot of money and you will spend even longer with your vehicle impounded. So, ensure the insurance you buy has the level of coverage you need!

If you have a yearly policy on your impounded vehicle. You can check with your insurance provider whether that includes cover for impounded vehicles. But, most annual insurance providers would consider impounded vehicles as high risk and would not include an impounded cover by the standard. Rather than having to purchase a yearly insurance policy that does include impound cover, temporary impounded vehicle insurance is the ideal solution in this situation so you can release your vehicle from the police pound for the minimum cost and level of cover required legally.

How much does it cost to release your vehicle from the pound?

Unfortunately, if your vehicle is impound, it will cost you a lot of money. Both to insure it if you need to and to pay the storage charges for every day. That your vehicle is impound. Don’t let go of increasing, and solve it today! You just have 7 working days as standard to release your vehicle and if you are unable to release your vehicle. If you fail to retrieve your vehicle within 14 days, your vehicle will be crushed or auctioned. 

Time is important that is why we have made it as simple as possible to get the cover. You need as quickly as possible. The impound charges can vary depending on your local pound and its own regulations. And conditions your vehicle is in but this is a general idea of. How much it could end up costing to retrieve your vehicle from the pound.

Can you get temporary insurance?

Impounded vehicle insurance is a particular product and not many insurance providers provide it on a temporary basis. Whilst we do our level best to provide this cover for as many clients as possible, there are restrictions and it is necessary that you ensure you are eligible to buy temporary impounded vehicle insurance before taking out an insurance policy.

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