Digital Marketing: Factors to consider 

Trends determine the interest and define the marketing strategy of a digital marketing campaign. There have been enough voices that showcase the fact that a marketing strategy can be effective only when people hold enough money in hand to make a purchase. Besides, there has been enough debate about the rationality of consumer choices. Overall numerous factors shape the success of a digital marketing campaign.

We lay down key factors which influence the success of digital marketing campaigns

  • Adoption of latest trends 

The idea of adopting a trend presides on the fine sense of identification between a fad and a trend. It is important to be updated on what people like but it is imperative on knowing what people love. In recent times, trends do help a business marketing campaign digitally by bringing in more views and reactions.

Example: Many brands use memes and famous hashtags or dialogues to engage customer reaction. Does this mean that customers will buy their product because of social media activity? Probably NO, but the customer’s mind will perceive the brand as someone who understands their taste.

  • The Macroeconomic view

A marketing campaign that does not generate revenue is of no help. Herein, it is crucial to understand the level at which an economy operates and thereby decipher a strategy. In an economy of high-interest rates, the chances of inflation rise are high as the government will increase money supply resulting in a rise in money in contention for spending thereby rising inflation.

In such a scenario the marketer should promote schemes or product lines that are expensive as customers hold money. However, in times like COVID, there are chances of a liquidity trap and hence people are conservative to spend. In such times, it is better to market relatively affordable and quality products.

  • Technology Accessibility

Digital marketing campaigns thrive on internet penetration. However, internet usage and accessibility are not well accepted in every corner of the world. The resultant way is to capture the market using customer segmentation as a tool. It helps to identify the target audience and develop ways to reach them.SEO can be a very helpful measure to gauge customer attention to our product line.

  • Brand Image 

A practice of building a good brand image and consciously taking steps that showcase your brand in a certain light has been the backdrop of digital marketing content. One such example is the case of Apple whose entire marketing concept runs on the tagline:” If you don’t have an iPhone, well, you don’t have an iPhone”. The idea is to build an exclusive image of your brand and hence run a campaign around that image.

Many click baits or call to action highlight the word “free” as it might be a strategy to attract their segment of customer base.

Overall, a well-defined digital marketing campaign depends on the understanding of numerous factors under our control or beyond it. 

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Gaurav Heera is a digital marketing expert, educator & branding expert having more than a decade experience. Currently he heads Delhi Courses Academy, known as best & advanced digital marketing institute in Delhi

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