Canada Student Visa Rejection

Rejections are a part of life. Student visa applications often get reject too, often because students miss out on adding important information in their application or make other mistakes through the process. It can be disheartening to see your student visa application be reject, but there’s no need to worry! This article will outline 7 reasons for Canada student visa rejections and give you pointers on how to avoid them.

Even if your Canada student visa got rejected, this article will help you by letting you know what mistakes to avoid next time.

  1.  Reason 1: You Did Not Receive An Acceptance Letter From a DLI

One of the common mistakes because of which student visa applications are rejected is that students do not attach the LOA (Letter of Acceptance) from a DLI (Designated Learning Institute) in their documents. Or, they may have not received a LOA in the first place and misunderstood that student visa applications can be processed without including this necessary document.

Another mistake students make while applying for Canadian universities is that they don’t understand the difference between DLI and Non-DLI universities. As an international student, you will only receive a Canada student visa if you apply to a DLI. Even if you received an acceptance letter from a non-DLI, your visa application will not be accepted.

  1.  Reason 2: You Show ‘Double Intentions’ In The Visa Interview

It is important to note that a Canada student visa is valid only till the completion of the student’s education in Canada. As soon as the student’s degree is complete, they are to return to their home country. It is important to prove to the immigration officer during the visa interview that you have some sort of ‘ties’ to your home country, such as family or job opportunities related to the degree you are applying for, that will urge you to return to your country.

There are ways to convert the student visa to a work visa or permanent residence visa afterwards. But during the student visa interview, You need to prove as best as possible that you are interest in a student visa only for your academic progression.

  1.  Reason 3: Lack Of Sufficient Financial Support

It’s extremely important to prove that you have enough financial support for your stay in Canada. The financial support should cover your tuition fees, travel expenses and accommodation costs. You should ideally have more financial backup than the threshold amount so that in case of any emergencies, you don’t have to experience any sort of hardships.

  1.  Reason 4: Exaggerated or Inaccurate Information

Make sure you only provide authentic and accurate information in your student visa application. If you exaggerate your professional experience and academic achievements. Your application may be rejected in case the immigration officers find any loopholes or inconsistencies in your resume. 

Similarly, it’s never a good idea to forge false information for your application. As it can be found out very easily and might lead to legal actions depending on individual circumstances.

  1.  Reason 5: Applying For a Degree Out of Your Expertise

While applying for a Canada student visa, it is essential to apply for a degree that is within your expertise. For example, if you’re an engineering graduate but you’re applying for a medical-relate masters. It is obvious that you will be rejected by both the university and the visa processing authorities. 

It’s a good idea to consult career counselors if you are confuse about the correct degree you should go for. When you do find one, it’s a good practice to do internships or relevant courses related to the degree. You have enough time.

  1.  Reason 6: Low Test Score in IELTS

Language proficiency tests are a must for all international students applying from Non-English speaking countries – Pakistan for example. Additionally, you need to score the minimum marks in IELTS, which is 6 for all four bands of listening, reading, speaking and writing if you are applying through SDS (Student Direct Stream).

Moreover, different Canadian universities have different minimum requirements for the IELTS scores. So be sure to check them out on their official websites.

  1.  Reason 7: Hiring an Unlicensed Immigration Consultant

Immigration consultation companies help clients have a smooth immigration into the country of their dreams. However, not all immigration consultants out there are IRRC-verifies. Canada Prime Immigration is an example of an authentic, IRRC-verified embassy. The company has a team of expert consultants that will assist you in the entire visa processing endeavor and furnish you with a guaranteed immigration to Canada.

Whether you are interest in a student visa, work visa or permanent residency, make sure not to miss out on consulting Canada Prime for their quality services. It may seem like an additional investment. But what is better than increasing your chances of entering the country you daydream to the fullest?

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