Best Suited With Diamonds

Earrings are the best friend of almost every woman. There is hardly any woman who doesn’t lie to wear earrings. However, not every earring compliments every accessory. For instance, if you are putting on a diamond ring, certain earrings shall go well with it. Some of such earrings are listed below in this guide.

Stud earrings

Stud earrings are the simplest yet most elegant earrings and suit best with a solitaire diamond ring. Be it an office presentation or an official dinner, stud earrings when worn with a simple solitaire diamonds ring never fails to catch the attention of people. However, stud earrings are versatile and can be worn with any type of dress. Stud earrings come in a variety of patterns like pearl studs, metals like gold or platinum studs, or other gemstone studs. To match your diamond ring, you can also wear diamond stud earrings. It adorns your ears by simply sitting on the earlobes. Many shall argue that stud earrings are one of the evergreen designs that complement a diamond ring well.

Teardrop earrings

Teardrop earrings are gorgeous earrings that are usually avoided at office time because of their heavy and gorgeousness. These earrings also compliment lab grown diamond ring when they are worn with long gowns when going to dinner with someone special. As the name suggests teardrop earrings usually have single components like a diamond or any other gemstone of teardrop shape. . Teardrop rings can be of any shape and pattern but the diamond, ruby, or sapphire teardrop rings are smaller in size. You can wear a halo diamond ring which shall look extremely gorgeous with teardrop earrings. Teardrop rings also have a special significance in jewelry design. The tear or pear shape is associated with tears of romanticism and joy and this is the very reason why engagement rings feature drop shapes.

Hoop earrings

Many may think that how can a pair of hoop earrings compliment the diamonds ring, but you get the response only after wearing it. Hoop earrings aren’t much popular but if you are wearing denim jackets and denim shots you will look good effortlessly. Diamond rings can also be worn with this funky look and trust us both the jewelry shall complement each other. Hoop earrings come in various shapes and patterns but the evergreen version is still the round ones.

Cluster earrings

Cluster earrings also look completely awesome with diamonds rings. As the name suggests these earrings are pieces of multiple gemstones that are grouped like a bunch. Cluster earrings look beautiful when worn with gowns or even with gorgeous mini dresses. Cluster earrings can be of both kinds- studs or dangle. While the stud clusters remain attached to
the earlobes whereas the dangle cluster earrings hang with multiple chains and gemstones like pearls or emeralds or any other gemstone. Cluster earrings like cluster studs are more dazzling than simple studs.

Wire hook earrings

These kinds of earrings have various names like for some people fish hooks for some people its shepherd hooks or French hooks. These are called wire hooks as the curved wire passes through the piercing. Wire hook earrings are neither studs nor dangly. These earrings usually dangle just below the earlobes. Pearl or diamond wire hook earring compliments a diamonds ring pretty well. A Diamond tennis bracelet can also be worn with a diamond ring which looks pretty.
A diamond ring doesn’t need many accessories to pair it up with but these above-mentioned earrings are going to compliment any type of diamond ring.

There are different types of gold used to make golden hoop jewelry. One of them is a pair of 14K gold hoop earrings paired with carefully selected alloys such as copper and silver. 9ct gold hoop jewelry, if you look closely, is usually a gold band and diamond encrusted hoop earrings. You can also choose white gold that contains certain metal combinations including pure gold and nickel.These are large hoop earrings or small hoops.

If you’re fine with gold hoops, make sure you get your jewelry from authorized shops. This is so that he can vouch for the authenticity of the alloys, gold and stones that were inlaid or found in the earrings.

You can also search for the latest styles of jewelry at the moment. You can find shops on internet portals, magazines, girlfriend earrings, etc. This is the best way to find more earring designs. If you have gold, you can ask your trusted jewelry shop to have the earrings customized from the gold you currently own.

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